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Title:                                Physician – Division of Environmental Health        

                                          $137,841 – $193,773 / Full-Time / Posted Thru:  10-5-22       


Location:                        Lansing, MI – Must Be a Michigan Resident

                                           Some in-State Travel May be Required


Purpose:   This position serves at the Direction of the Chief Medical Executive as a consulting physician for the Division of Environmental Health within the Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Administration’s Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health.  At the Direction of the Chief Medical Executive, this physician advises the Division on medical programming and messaging for environmental health topics, including PFAS, lead, and other hazardous chemical exposures. This position responds to Emergency Public Heath events such as COVID19.  Consulting will be required for interpreting medical information for addressing environmental health threats and providing public health protective recommendations along with the review of biomonitoring data results from environmental health exposures. This position will also serve as medical oversight at biomonitoring clinics as needed.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as Consulting Physician for the Division of Environmental Health within the Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Administration’s Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health.
  • Participates in the investigation of public health investigations and exposures and provide leadership and medical consultation on environmental health events.
  • Consults with the Senior Consulting Physician of the Department, Administrative Deputy Director for Public Health Administration, State Epidemiologist, and Senior Epidemiologist and Senior Toxicologist on emerging environmental issues that impact the health of the public.
  • Provides provider training and conducts Grand Rounds for urgent and non-urgent environmental health issues.
  • Participates in conference calls, meetings, and conducts presentations on investigations.
  • Reviews press releases, health alerts, and media for medical accuracy and content.
  • Consult with other state public health physicians on information related to environmental investigations.
  • Provides medical epidemiological expertise to assess population health impact of environmental exposures.
  • Serves as the lead medical consultant for the Division of Environmental Health’s biomonitoring studies.
  • Serves as the medical advisor for exposure assessments and health studies conducted within the Division of Environmental Health.
  • Meets with the MDHHS physician team periodically to review emerging issues.
  • Participates as needed in Public Health Administration staff meetings to exchange information from other Department physicians.
  • Communicate PHA needs to CME for the Michigan State Medical Society, OBGYN Association, Michigan Osteopathic Association, Local Public Health Medical Director’s Forum about Environmental Health topics.
  • Train other Department physicians on issues of environmental public health importance.
  • Provide expert medical testimony in administrative, legal, or legislative proceedings.
  • Provides clinical leadership and guidance during emergency and non-emergency response activations for environmental health issues and provides medical oversight of investigations as needed.
  • In consultation with the MDHHS Media Office, respond to press inquiries related to health implications of chemical exposures.
  • Consult and communicate with emergency operations, CME, and other Department physicians.
  • Is available for telephone consultation on an as needed basis.
  • Keeps the Division leadership informed regarding breaking medical issues.
  • Attend meetings and conference calls as required.
  • Create written provider guidance as needed.
  • Provide back-up to State Chief Medical Executive and Physician A for Public Health Administration as necessary and at the Direction of the Chief Medical Executive.
  • Interpret medical and clinical data associated with chemical exposures at sites of investigation.
  • Responds to Public Health emergencies such as COVID19 at the Direction of the Chief Medical Executive Serves and in consultation with Bureau and Division Directors.
  • Responds as a routine member of the Department’s Communicable Disease on-call group include taking calls after hours and on weekends. 
  • Attend On-call group update meetings and maintain knowledge on protocols and emerging issues handled by on-call staff.
  • Always represent the best interests of MDHHS & MPHI.
  • Other duties as assigned. 





Education:  M.D. or D.O. degree with education or experience in Preventative Medicine, Epidemiology, and/or Medical Toxicology.


Experience:  A minimum of three years of post, medical degree, full-licensure experience in the practice of medicine or osteopathic medicine and surgery.  Experience in toxicology is highly desirable.


Important Skills and Characteristics:

  • Required: Licensed to practice medicine in Michigan.
  • Required: Licensed to dispense pharmaceuticals in Michigan.
  • Preferred: Specialist in Poison Information Certification from the American Association of Poison Control Centers and/or Membership in the American College of Medical Toxicology.


Work Environment and Physical Requirements:  Workload varies greatly and increases substantially in time of medical emergencies or emerging health threats. The person in this position may be asked to assess situations and make recommendations quickly. Weekend and after-hours consults may be necessary. In-state travel will be required on occasion, with some overnights. Less often, out-of-state travel may be required.       #LI-REMOTE


RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WORK OF OTHERS:  No assigned responsibility.


IMPACT ON PROJECTS, SERVICES AND OPERATIONS:  This physician will provide consulting services for the Division of Environmental Health due to increasing clinical requirements of Environmental Health in the areas of PFAS, lead, and other chemical contaminants.  Novel environmental health threats require an increasing lens of clinical consultation to interpret health data for the Division and the public. This person will also provide training through Grand Rounds, as well as consultation for physicians throughout the state, in conjunction with the Poison Control Center, as needed. This position will be a liaison within public health, with other departmental physicians, and with the Poison Control Center.



Contact Person/Group



Chief Medical Executive

As Needed

CME will Determine direction and vision for this position with MDHHS PHA Medical Staff

State Epidemiologist and Director of the Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health

As Needed

Consultation and Direction on Bureau Projects and standard procedures.  

Environmental Public Health Director


Position Oversight

Division Operations Administrator

Daily or as needed

Communicate on shared projects and standard procedures

Senior Toxicologist

Daily or as needed

Communicate on shared projects and standard procedures

Senior Epidemiologist

Daily or as needed

Communicate on shared projects and standard procedures

Section Managers

Daily or as needed

Communicate on shared projects and standard procedures

Staff in the Division

Weekly or as needed

Communicate on shared projects and standard procedures


“For purposes of employment standards, this classification is “Exempt” from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”


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MPHI is an EEO/AA employer that participates with e-verify.

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