Washtenaw County Medical Society

The mission of the Washtenaw County Medical Society is to provide professional, collegial support and understanding for physicians; demonstrate public health activism, and advocate for excellence in patient care.

Ann Arbor, MI

About Washtenaw County Medical Society

The Washtenaw County Medical Society (WCMS) is a forward thinking network for physicians in Washtenaw County. We aspire to optimize patient, physician, and community well-being. WCMS members include over 1,000 practicing and non-practicing physicians of all specialties throughout Washtenaw County. The Society works with the Michigan State Medical Society to advocate, educate and lead.

WCMS addresses issues affecting all physicians and their patients, including public health concerns affecting the people of Michigan, access to care, and graduate medical education. We connect physicians to each other and the citizens of Washtenaw County. We are a go-to resource for information related to the health of Washtenaw County citizens and for legislative and regulatory information that affects Washtenaw County physicians. We provide education for our physician members on topics such as concussion and cognitive impairment, population-based healthcare, and opiate addiction.

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Website http://wcms-mi.org

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