Our mission is to increase equitable access to effective mental health care to students experiencing the highest mental health needs and disproportionate barriers to accessing services. We envision a future in which all young people have reliable and equitable access to effective, culturally responsible mental health care; and look forward to a day when every student can reach their full academic, social, and personal potential without being held back by the effects of an untreated mental health difficulty.

Ann Arbor, MI


School-delivered mental health programming provides students with support that can be life-changing and life-saving. TRAILS offers the training, resources, and implementation guidance that enables schools to provide their students with accessible, research-driven, and culturally responsible mental health support.

We offer our partner schools 3 tiers of programming to meet the needs of their students:

Tier 1: Universal education and awareness for all students

Tier 2: Early intervention for students impacted by a mental health concern

Tier 3: Suicide risk management for students in crisis

Through proven techniques delivered by staff students trust, TRAILS is making an impact. Participation with TRAILS has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression among students. Additionally, after short-term training and implementation guidance, our partner schools are able to sustain TRAILS programming for their students long term – a solution that is both impactful and cost-effective.

We currently work with schools in Michigan, Colorado, and Massachusetts, and welcome the opportunity to explore additional partnerships in these areas. We also encourage potential partners outside of these states to reach out so that we are able to reconnect when TRAILS expansions occur.

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