The Army of Survivors

To bring awareness, accountability, & transparency to sexual violence against athletes at all levels.

United States

About The Army of Survivors

The Army of Survivors was created by a group of more than 40 survivors of sexual violence. We are a diverse pool of athletes who competed at all levels: gymnasts, divers, runners, softball players, volleyball players, and more. Our combined history and experiences allow us to raise awareness of the systemic problem of sexual abuse against athletes. Our goal is to end sexual assault against young athletes by ensuring perpetrators and enablers are held accountable, creating transparency in reporting, building an environment in which athletes do not fear retaliation when reporting abuse, and advocating for change to protect survivors.

The Army of Survivors is the only national organization advocating for and supporting child athlete survivors of sexual violence. We focus on these survivors because their numbers are staggering. Three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one child playing an organized sport—a total of about 45 million youth. More than 8 million high school students participate in organized sports, and more than 460,000 NCAA athletes compete in collegiate sports every year. About 7% of student athletes are victims of sexual assault through their participation in sport, with elite athletes having higher rates of sexual assault than lower-level athletes.

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