T.E.A (Teach. Empower. Achieve.)

The mission of T.E.A. is to provide comprehensive resources and wraparound support to employees of small to medium sized social enterprises that are dedicated to providing workforce training and employment to vulnerable populations.

Detroit, Michigan

About T.E.A (Teach. Empower. Achieve.)

T.E.A. (Teach. Empower. Achieve.) is an established 501c3 organization that offers programs and support for people facing barriers to employment and self-sustainability in Detroit. We work in close collaboration with existing companies to build community and create educational opportunities that support individuals from all walks of life on their pathway toward full-time employment and independence – often individuals living in shelters, or who are refugees or returning citizens.

T.E.A. supplements the programming of existing nonprofits and employer partners – like the jewelry-making social enterprise Rebel Nell, for example – by using trusted, social work-inspired best practices to deliver wraparound programs and hands-on support for housing, transportation, legal assistance, career planning and other foundational needs to help individuals transition to full-time, permanent jobs and more self-reliant, sustaining and joyful lives. To date, T.E.A. has:


●        Helped 31 individuals who have experienced homelessness, returning citizens and/or refugees. 28 have ‘graduated’ into secure employment and three are actively working with our workforce development partners.

●        Distributed $26,000+ in microloans to individuals – with an incredible 92 percent payback rate.

●        Helped 100 percent of participants transition out of shelter living.

●        Facilitated earnings of $420K+ in wages, an increase of $2,450/month per participant.

●        Offered indirect support to 20+ children of T.E.A. participants via tutoring, school supply drives, meals, and other activities and connections to support their well-being.

Jobs at T.E.A (Teach. Empower. Achieve.)

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