Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

At Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, we nurture children in their growth from Early Childhood through Grade 12. Our curriculum engages the head, heart and hands, inspiring curiosity, thinking, empathy and initiative. Our graduates enter adulthood with confidence and self-knowledge, a deep interest in other people, and an understanding of the world; prepared to thrive in higher education and their adult lives.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

About Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor opened its doors to grades 1-4 in 1980 and has since grown into a full PreK-12 program on two campuses in Ann Arbor.  Our guiding principles:

  • We recognize that children’s needs, interests, strengths and challenges evolve from their early childhood years through high school graduation. Our curriculum is consciously designed to best meet each developmental stage as children grow, providing the right experience at the appropriate time.
  • We seek to work together in ways that increase the diversity of our school community and promote equity and inclusion for all community members regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, financial means, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender, or disability status. This includes ensuring that we have a continually evolving curriculum that meets all our students.
  • Relationships are what make our work possible – between students and teachers, among classmates, among faculty members, between all community members – and we consciously strive to foster and support healthy relationships in all areas of our community.
  • Human beings are individuals with their own personal strengths, challenges, and interests. We seek to meet each community member with love and care, ensuring that there is flexibility and support in our classrooms, policies and practices, and community expectations.
  • Children are best supported when there is partnership between home and school. We seek to provide parent support, education and engagement, and we ask that parents collaboratively work with teachers in the same way.
  • Each community member is a whole human being: body, soul and spirit. Our faculty and staff members draw insight and inspiration from the work of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy.
  • Through our curriculum, policies, employment agreements, community expectations and services beyond the classroom we strive to fully engage all community members and create a culture of purposeful activity and joy.
  • Through our community life we respect and support the inner development and growth of our community members, sharing the celebration of festivals, athletic competition, artistic work and study.
  • Collaboration and shared responsibility are the foundations of our school governance and leadership model. We work with consensus within all governance groups. We are committed to a transparent and cooperative process for all significant decisions in the school.

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  • Strong and supportive community
  • Flexible hours and generous vacation, sick and personal days
  • Tuition remission for full-time positions

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