Penrickton Center for BLind Children

Penrickton Center for Blind Children is a unique, private non-profit agency, providing five-day residential, day care, and consultation/evaluation services to blind, multi-disabled children ages one through twelve. Each program is individually designed to promote independence in all aspects of daily living. Penrickton Center utilizes its experience and expertise to train and serve families, children and professionals through support services, education and advocacy.

Taylor, Michigan

About Penrickton Center for BLind Children

Penrickton Center is a private, non-profit five day residential and day care agency serving blind, multi-disabled children ages 1-12.  Because no fees are ever charged to families, all financial support is raised from individuals, service clubs, corporations, and foundations.

Penrickton Center was established in 1952 by three families (Penman, Ricker, Wigginton) as a day nursery for blind preschoolers because no such program existed.  Over the years, Penrickton Center has changed to meet the needs in the community.  Currently, we specialize in treating blind children ages 1-12 with a least one additional handicap such as deafness, cerebral palsy, brain damage, and developmental delay.

Most of our children stay with us throughout the week and all children return home to their families on weekends and holidays.  Children under six participate in our day care program.  In both cases an intense program of training and care is provided to help each child reach their potential.  We also provide a consultation/evaluation program to serve those families who may not need our regular services.

All of the blind, multi-disabled children we serve receive developmental programming; that is, programs designed to meet the individual needs of the special child.  This programming includes individualized training in the areas of self care (eating, dressing, personal care), travel skills, motor skills, and language acquisition.  Children in our evaluation/consultation program receive recommendations in this area by our professional staff.  Penrickton Center also is nationally recognized as the leader and proponent of the concept of “Active Learning.”

To help each child achieve his or her maximum potential requires intensive and personalized involvement by our staff.  Currently we have a ratio of one child care staff member for each three children.  This does not include ancillary staff such as nursing, social work, program planning, music therapy, occupational therapy, dance and movement therapy.

Volunteers also play an important role at Penrickton Center.  We teach our volunteers how to promote independence with our blind multi-disabled handicapped children through play.  In addition, volunteers assist in our therapy dog program, computer program and adaptive horseback riding.

Since no fees are ever charged for our services, we continue to need the support of many caring people.  Penrickton Center for Blind Children is registered with the Internal Revenue Services as a private non-profit charity 501[c](3) and with the Michigan Department of Human Services as a child caring and day care facility.





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