Paint Creek Center for the Arts

Paint Creek Center for the Arts' mission is to celebrate and support creativity in our community by providing opportunities for all to learn, create, experience, and appreciate the arts.

Rochester, Michigan

About Paint Creek Center for the Arts

Paint Creek Center for the Arts is a creative spark in our community. We are a cherished asset supported by those we serve. A broad range of partnerships expand our impact and helps us achieve our goals. We are an inclusive center of creative inspiration and art-making. We provide diverse, ever-evolving opportunities designed to inspire creativity in everyone. PCCA annually produces the nationally-recognized Art & Apples Festival, a community celebration of artistic excellence and unique creative experiences.

Our guiding principles define and reflect who we are: PCCA.

Passion – We are passionate about inspiring others to embrace the Arts

Creativity – We promote creativity in our students, instructors, staff and supporters

Community – We value our relationship with the community, artists, partners, our diverse students and our patrons

Accountability – We recognize the importance of PCCA in the community and we commit to achieving excellence in Art Education, Art & Apples and in providing learning opportunities through our outreach programs.

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