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We are dedicated to equipping determined young adults through life skills training, proactive coaching, long-term mentoring and the discipline of golf in order to succeed in college, in their careers and beyond.


About Midnight Golf Program

The program was founded in 2001 by Reneé Fluker, a social worker and single mother who noticed the impact golf had on her son’s life—a student golfer who encouraged her to find a way to provide other young people with the opportunity to experience the game he loved and the doors he believed it had opened for him.

From its humble beginnings with 17 students meeting at Franklin-Wright Settlements—a small community center in Detroit, to learning golf skills to today with 250 students—the program is a phenomenal success. It has expanded to a 30-week curriculum that has helped hundreds of Detroit’s at-risk high school students enter college and various professional careers.

Today, twice weekly, two groups of 125 students meet from 5:30-8:30 p.m. for life lessons, golf lessons and a sit-down dinner. Defying the conventional wisdom that programs targeting high school students are “too little too late,” MGP is committed to preparing all students for college attendance and graduation.

MGP has been acclaimed for its impact on the lives of at-risk youth in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Golf Magazine and CNN. It is heralded in the community as a pillar of hope for students who do not typically have access to the professional and life skill development resources this program offers. With all of the praise MGP receives, the most poignant example of its transformative power on the lives of youth and its alumni that graduate from college and go on to the careers of their dreams.

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