Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers

Advocating for improved intercity rail and bus passenger service, local transit service, and encouraging the preservation of historic railroad stations.


About Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers

The Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers envisions a passenger rail system that:

  • Augments existing Wolverine service with increased frequency and speed to meet growing demands
  • Establishes Pontiac-Metro Airport-Ann Arbor commuter rail service
  • Increases frequency of Pere Marquette and Blue Water services to meet growing needs
  • Promotes Michigan tourism and attracts business travelers
  • Connects Canada and the Midwest to Michigan cities and destinations
  • Promotes travel into Michigan with expanded service that interconnects with additional US and international cities and the Amtrak National System, and promotes rail travel alternatives along Michigan’s major highway corridors
  • Integrates with other modes of transportation
  • Facilitates intermodal connectivity with intercity bus, transit, and air to best serve communities without rail or air service and promote transit usage
  • Delivers economic growth to Michigan
  • Expands marketing opportunities for Michigan to attract additional tourism and rail-oriented development

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Website http://www.marp.org/

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