Michigan Farmers Market Association

The Michigan Farmers Market Association (MIFMA) works with and for farmers market organizers, managers, farmers, vendors, and friends to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products.

East Lansing, Michigan

About Michigan Farmers Market Association

MIFMA was established in 2006 as a statewide association to promote local food consumption in Michigan by connecting more farmers to consumers through farmers markets. In the last ten years, the number of farmers markets in Michigan has grown from around 90 in 2001 to approximately 240 today. This growth makes our work more important than ever.

Mission: MIFMA advances farmers markets to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products.

Vision: MIFMA places farmers markets at the forefront of the local food movement and works to ensure all residents have access to healthy, locally grown food and that Michigan farmers markets receive policy support.

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Website http://mifma.org

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