Small passionate nonprofit dedicated to improving education for kids!

Lansing, MI


Quite simply, we believe in better education opportunities for every child. A better tomorrow depends on it.

MAPSA, Michigan’s charter school association, represents a statewide movement of charter school stakeholders. For 25 years, we have harnessed the power of the charter community through direct and digital grassroots engagement, identifying their shared challenges, and developing resources that support their work. We facilitate public support for the movement by utilizing our effective legislative and media avenues to build positive government relations and give the charter community a voice on issues that impact our students and educators.

What makes someone a great fit for MAPSA? There are three attributes that we value in people:

  1. Heart: self-aware and respectful
  2. Adaptivity: innately curious, and constantly changing
  3. Resourcefulness: the ability to attempt to first figure something out before asking for help or answers


Cultural Competency at MAPSA: MAPSA invests in building greater cultural competence and responsiveness across our team by supporting ongoing reflection, learning, skill-building, and positive actions. We know that culturally competent teams, especially when inclusive of individuals who share the racial, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds (e.g., first-generation college-goers) of member schools’ student populations, are best equipped to take action to ensure fairness inside and outside of MAPSA. To that end, we believe in building a richly diverse and inclusive organization, including a mission-critical imperative for all staff to both models and contribute to the vision we hope to achieve.


  • Benefits: MAPSA also believes in self-care and work-life balance and to that, we offer a generous PTO policy and competitive salary and 401(k).
  • Work Environment: We are a "remote-first" company, meaning all of our internal tasks and processes can operate in a virtual capacity. Team members are required to attend a monthly in-person meeting at our Lansing office location. We also often visit schools to build relationships across the state (and yes, even the UP!). Travel, other than to the office, is reimbursed.
  • Work schedule: MAPSA’s office operates from 8-5 PM EST, however, we offer our team a flexible work schedule when needed.
  • Healthcare: We offer full paid healthcare for individuals (dental, vision and health insurance plans) plus a FSA option to contribute for medical expenses.
  • Technology: MAPSA runs on Macs and each full-time employee is provided a MacBook Pro and iPhone to use for work purposes.

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