Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled brings communities and organizations together to help revitalize Detroit neighborhoods in an equitable and sustainable way.

Detroit, Michigan

About Life Remodeled

With substantial investments of cash, labor and materials, Life Remodeled focuses on the intentional and equitable revitalization of Detroit neighborhoods distinguished by their significant need and radical hope.

Throughout the process of unifying for a common mission, participants begin to realize how much they respect and need each other, which is a catalyst for long-term relationships and partnerships.

Projects are determined by the community’s hopes and dreams and we assist in three areas: renovating and repurposing former school buildings into opportunity hubs, repairing owner-occupied homes, and annually mobilizing 10,000 volunteers in six days to beautify the four square miles surrounding our current opportunity hub.

By working with you, serving with you, growing with you and learning with you, we’re bridging people across divides to help transform each other’s lives.

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