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Life Directions’ Mission is to motivate young adults, ages 13-35, especially the economically disadvantaged and “at-risk”, to mature into responsible, productive adults through self-direction.

Detroit MI

About Life Directions

History of Life Directions:


Life Directions (LD) was created as a response to the increasing violence that consumed Detroit in the early 1970’s. In 1973, Detroit was called the “Murder Capital” of the United States. On average, one youth was dying every eighteen hours.


Since inception, LD has been a bi-lingual (Spanish and English) and multi-cultural effort. Throughout our 48-year history, Life Directions has operated in Detroit, MI, Chicago IL, Tucson, AR, San Antonio, TX, Marion County OR, and New Orleans, LA. Currently, LD operates in the cities of Detroit and Chicago.


Life Directions is a 501(c) 3 organization of the Internal Revenue Code. Since 1973 we have impacted over 172,500 of whom more than 88,000 have been reached in Detroit alone.


In response, LD was granted access into numerous Public Schools throughout the City of Detroit and Chicago to initiate the “Peer Mentor/Motivation Program.” LD assembled youth who were resistant to listen to adults together with those who did listen. They challenged each other to develop a common set of positive values, which guide them to choose their futures. They are encouraged to recognize the uniqueness and diversity in everyone.

Life Directions Vision:

“Peers inspiring peers through forgiving” as young adults pursue positive values, personal growth, and college and career paths.

Throughout LD partnering motivated young adults with those who were struggling, the results become clear. They turn away from violence. They make balanced decisions. The use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are reduced. They finish high school and decide on a college and/or a quality career. A value added to our program occurs as adult mentors coach young high school Peer mentors to accompany their struggling peers toward a set of values to guide their future choices.

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