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To change the face of philanthropy, moving nonprofits of all sizes to greater capacity and meaningful impact within the communities they serve.

Grand Rapids, MI

About Kennari Consulting

Kennari Consulting is one of the largest full-service fundraising consulting firms in Michigan. Sandi Frost Steensma started Kennari Consulting in 2007 because she realized that nonprofit organizations needed more customized, day-to-day, “nuts and bolts” fundraising support as well as campaign coaching. Today, the firm has 13 staff members and serves more than 100 nonprofit organizations with consulting and direct services each year.

Developing a successful, sustainable nonprofit is not a matter of luck. The Kennari Consulting method is a deliberate program that has been proven with our clients for over fourteen years. You will be successful working with us because we will teach and walk alongside you, because we have been in your shoes. “Kennari” is Icelandic for “teacher” and, with that mindset, we teach your staff, board members and volunteers to be ambassadors for your mission. Through our consulting services, we coach and advise your team as well as help you grow your internal capacity through direct services.

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