Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan

We, the member-owners of the ICC, provide a home for students that equally embodies quality living, community and social equality, all within the cooperative movement. We continuously strive to maintain and improve our organization and our houses through shared work. We are committed to furthering our education by building life skills, a strong community, and personal relationships. We create and maintain a safe and affordable environment where our members feel comfortable and at home.

Ann Arbor, MI

About Inter-Cooperative Council at the University of Michigan

The Inter-Cooperative Council (ICC) is a student-owned and run non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable student housing to the University of Michigan community in Ann Arbor. The ICC is composed of 500 members who live, board, and work cooperatively in 16 houses (some made up of multiple buildings). The houses are semi-autonomous and democratically run. The policies of the ICC are generally instituted by the Board of Directors. The members are assisted in planning and operations by professional staff specializing in communication, education, finance, maintenance, and property management, all led by a general manager. The members and staff strive to make decisions by consensus and solve problems through teamwork.

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