Hamtramck Parks Conservancy

The Hamtramck Parks Conservancy was created to operate, improve and provide for equitable access to recreational facilities within the City and School District of Hamtramck. The conservancy seeks to promote the creation, operation and maintenance of green spaces, recreational grounds and facilities for public use and provide health, education and welfare opportunities to the communities served by those spaces.

Hamtramck, MI

About Hamtramck Parks Conservancy

The Hamtramck Parks Conservancy is a collaboration between the city, the public schools, and community partners seeking to improve green spaces and recreation activities for city residents.

The Hamtramck Recreation District (HRD) envisions enhancing our 26 acres of contiguous parks in three phases in the coming years. Review the HRD plan at www.hamtramckparks.com.

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Website http://www.hamtramckparks.com

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