Evergreen Commons

Evergreen Commons’ mission is to inspire older adults to live purposeful, active, and holistic lives, in their residence of choice, as fully as they are able. We encourage the way to wellbeing through the framework of holistic wellness.

Holland Michigan

About Evergreen Commons

We’ve reimagined what it means for you to live purposely right where you are. We celebrate the many dimensions of an active lifestyle by offering engaging programs, classes, and community. If woodworking, learning a new language, or water aerobics pique your interest, then Evergreen Commons is for you!

Should you or your loved one need daytime assistance, we can provide that too. We embrace Holland’s thriving, community spirit…so when you leave your front door and enter ours, you’ll feel welcomed in your home away from home.

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Website https://www.evergreencommons.org/

Jobs at Evergreen Commons

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