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Vision: We shepherd Eastern Market’s rich history to nourish a healthier, wealthier, and happier Detroit. Mission: We manage operations, develop programs, build facilities, provide critical infrastructure, and collaborate with community partners to: (1) Strengthen the Eastern Market District as the most inclusive, resilient, and robust regional food hub in the United States. (2) Fortify Detroit’s food sector as a pillar of economic growth. (3) Improve access to healthy, green, affordable, and fair food choices in Detroit and throughout Southeast Michigan

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About Eastern Market Corporation

About Eastern Market

Since 1891, Eastern Market has been at the center of Detroit’s food sector. Just northeast of Downtown, this 43-acre district is the largest historic public market district in the United States. Since 2006, the market has been operated by Eastern Market Partnership under the terms of a promotion and management agreement with the City of Detroit which still owns public market facilities.

Our nonprofit work includes managing the public market and operating programs to strengthen Metro Detroit’s food sector. We operate programs that increase access to healthy food and incubate and accelerate the growth of food businesses. Eastern Market Partnership also is responsible for shepherding the growth and development of the Eastern Market District and maintaining the market’s core values.

Core Values

A Place About Food: Eastern Market and the Eastern Market District has served as Detroit’s pantry for 130 years! While the area has evolved as food systems have changed food remains at the center of our existence. As our peers around the nation have been overwhelmed and lost their food centricity, Eastern Market remains one of the nation’s most significant urban food districts.

A Place Dedicated to Serving Independent Businesses: Eastern Market has always been a place for people, especially those with limited means to go to start and/or grow their business. Wave after wave of immigrant groups and legacy Detroiter’s have taken advantage of the market to gain new customers and establish their ventures.

A Place Were All are Warmly Welcomed: Eastern Market is a place where all of Detroit gathers to enjoy great food and each other. This spirit of conviviality gives Eastern Market an important role as one of Detroit’s premier gathering places.

Our Programs

Operating Compelling Markets: Since 1891 Eastern Market connects farmers and food processors to consumers. We operate a number of different markets including the legendary year-round Saturday Market and a variety of seasonal markets including the Tuesday Market, the Sunday Street Market, and the Wholesale Market. Additionally, market facilities have become venues for a remarkable diversity of community events when markets are not in session.

Food Access: Increasing access to good food is at the core of our mission to nourish a healthier, wealthier, and happier Detroit. This goal of access isn’t only with regards to our most popular markets but resonates in all of our additional resources, programs, and partnerships as well.

Food & Health Fellowship: Each year, Eastern Market Partnership hires around 25 Food & Health Fellows who assume hands-on responsibility for running our Food Assistance operations, Farm Stand program, Tasting Stations, and other market initiatives. Food & Health Fellows serve as healthy ambassadors to over 25 weekly partner locations from early-June through mid-October, while also learning about the challenges and opportunities of building a sustainable regional food system. Fellows are responsible for purchasing, storing, transporting, displaying, and selling produce at each Farm Stand site. The Fellowship program incubates participants in Michigan’s regional food system and engages them with food justice issues in Detroit.

Farm Stands: We operate 20+ mobile pop-up Farm Stands each week from June through September; offering fresh produce and pantry items at sites all around Metro Detroit. Through relationships with community development organizations, corporate entities, health care systems, and neighborhood farmers markets, the Farm Stand seeks to promote a culture of wellness in the City of Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Detroit Community Markets: We support the Detroit Community Markets, a network of neighborhood farmers’ markets and alternative food distribution programs that work to improve healthy food access in the underserved areas in Detroit.

Fresh Prescription: Fresh Prescription is a fruit and vegetable prescription program that brings together the healthcare system and the food system, fostering innovative relationships to build a healthy sustainable food system in Detroit. This promising approach to a healthier food system connects patients to fresh, locally-grown produce while providing direct economic benefits to small and midsize farmers. Participants are referred to the Fresh Prescription program by their primary care physician. The clinician gives the participants a “prescription” to eat more fruits and vegetables and helps set goals for healthy eating. Patients fill their prescription at a partnering farm stand or market, where they also receive nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations and other educational support for making meaningful, healthy eating changes.

Food Business Development: EMP also strives to create one of the most robust eco-systems in the nation to nurture the development of new food businesses and the retention of more established firms.

Detroit Kitchen Connect: Detroit Kitchen Connect (DKC) is a network of shared-use, fully-licensed kitchens that emerging food businesses can rent on an hourly basis. Anchored by the Shed 5 Community Kitchen, DKC provides a number of production kitchens throughout Detroit.

Eastern Market Accelerators: Our accelerators provide a place for continued growth of emerging food businesses. FEAST Detroit provides co-packing services while the Metro Accelerator provides low-cost production space for those food businesses that want to keep production in their own hands.

Grow Eastern Market: EMP works with small farmers to help them establish themselves in wholesale marketplaces by aggregating production from a number of small growers to meet the needs of hospitality and institutional markets.

Equitable Community Development: Maintaining the market’s core values has key real estate industry considerations that EMP has become increasingly involved in through its community-based development subsidiary – Eastern Market Development Corporation (EMDC).

Eastern Market District Expansion: Working in tandem with many city departments, EMP and EMDC have developed a well-vetted strategy to allow the expansion of the Eastern Market District in a way that allows for the retention and expansion of food sector jobs while improving the quality of life for those that live in close proximity.

Eastern Market Tenant Mix Curation: As rents increase in the greater Downtown area, EMDC has a role in curating a mix of tenants at many different price points so that goods and services are available to all the customers we serve.

Contact Info

Website http://www.easternmarket.org


Commitment to Racial Equity Located in a city where more than 80% of its residents are people of color, Eastern Market cannot hope to achieve its vision without addressing structural racism and addressing disparities in racial equity. Eastern Market Partnership must take action to improve racial equity as an organization and in the market and district that we serve.


  • Health Insurance: Current health plan as offered by EMP available after 60 days of employment Retirement: A 401(K)-retirement plan is available to all employees after one year of service.

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