Cook Family Foundation

The Cook Family Foundation, a multigenerational family foundation based in Owosso, Michigan, collaborates with organizations to support education, the environment, and community stewardship in order to be a catalyst for positive community change.

Owosso, MI

About Cook Family Foundation

Our Vision:

We envision a diverse, healthy, and thriving community where our children have access to the
best education, our natural environment is protected and enjoyed, and all people have the
opportunity and support to build joyful, meaningful lives.


Our Values:

Be Inclusive: We are welcoming to all. We build relationships with people through sharing both our collective and our unique experiences so that we can collaborate respectfully and use our resources to address disparities across our community.

Have Integrity: We keep our promises. We value partnerships and collaboration – both require being honest, trustworthy, and reliable.  We engage in ethical and transparent business practices and expect that of others we work with.

Make True Impact: Through big and small investments of money, time, talent, and energy, we work with willing partners to improve our community and our collective future. We use our resources effectively and efficiently, measuring results and outcomes.


The video below presents a more complete history of the Cook Family Foundation and its primary benefactor, Don Cook. His son, Bruce Cook, reflects on his growing up in Owosso and the legacy of his work as embodied in the Foundation. This video is 13 minutes long:
Bruce Cook has been leading the work at the Cook Family Foundation for more than 40 years. His contributions of time, effort, and wisdom have shaped the philanthropy of the Cook Family. In 2020, Bruce Cook sat down and reflected on his legacy in this 8 minute video:

Jobs at Cook Family Foundation

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