Commongrounds Coop

Develop and operate real estate that meets community needs and increases quality of life for all people in the region.

Traverse City, Michigan

About Commongrounds Coop

Commongrounds Cooperative is a community-owned real estate cooperative in Traverse City, Michigan. Our mission is to develop and operate real estate that meets community needs and increases quality of life for all people in the region. As a cooperative, we are owned by and serve the businesses/nonprofits that occupy space in our building and community members who have invested money in the organization. This creates an opportunity for all to contribute—making the community we love even better, together.

About 414 E. Eighth Street

We are seeking a CEO for our pilot project: a state-of-the-art, 4-story, mixed-use building at 414 E. Eighth Street (414), currently under construction and scheduled to open in fall 2022.   The building is designed to meet community needs by co-locating workforce housing with a hub for organizations and activities focused on food, family, arts, and wellness.  Our tenant-owner partners include early childhood education, visual and performing arts space, wellness programming, a local-food/chef incubator food hall,  teaching kitchen, and social enterprise coworking and meeting space.  In 414, Commongrounds contributes to the development of families, businesses, and communities by (1) providing physical space for mission-aligned businesses and nonprofits; and (2) fostering partnerships and developing programming and services in 414 that meet community needs and contribute to well-being and growth of our people, organizations, and community. 414 creates a safe and welcoming community space for all community members to be exposed to new ideas and people and encounter opportunities to grow, learn, and increase their individual and collective well-being.  The project has proven community support and has already raised $1.7 million from 700+ community-owners.

Commongrounds Core Values

Stakeholder Ownership

We believe that when we invite stakeholders to shape the future of our building, it becomes an inclusive and accessible development, responsive to the needs of our community.  Ownership includes the responsibility of participation and giveback.

Inclusive Integration

We are different parts coming together as a functional whole, invested in each others’ vitality and caring for long-term relationships between humans and our built and natural environments.  We believe in inviting diverse stakeholders and treating each other with love and respect because our individual well-being is inextricably linked to the well-being of the whole. We believe in courageous engagement on the common grounds that unite us– building trust, empathy, and a culture of curious and respectful dialogue so that we may heal, grow, and connect through that which divides us. We acknowledge that barriers exist and commit to an active pursuit of inclusion, including without limit: diversity of experiences, education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and/or expression, nation of origin, age, veteran’s status, color, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

Intentional Space and Connection (Place + Culture)

We cultivate a place and culture where the energy resonates with each moment, where safety and trust are paramount, play is standard and innovation and connection are nurtured. We believe in good design that provides an architecture where light, color, and serendipity coexist.

Transparent Communication + Accountability

We seek to create a space that is viable for our community, guided by what we observe, learn and hear input around. We strive to be clear about where we have fallen short and where we still need to grow.

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