Cleary University

To provide an intimate and inclusive, student-centered business education that instills the values of The Cleary Mind™ in our community.

Howell, MI

About Cleary University


Inspiring students to dare to transform the status quo.

Unique Value Propositions:

  • We know our students as individuals; we listen to them directly; we facilitate community-building and a strong sense of belonging.
  • Personalized higher education experiences create confident, determined graduates who succeed faster in the workplace than their peers.
  • A unique Business Arts curriculum, The Cleary Mind™ combines intentional, engaged learning with the practicality of training from instructors with deep industry experiences and fulfills marketplace demands for creativity, innovation, and leadership.
  • A robust athletic involvement rate leads to disciplined, devoted students with exemplary talents and a shared drive to achieve.
  • The Cleary Mind™ connects classroom learning and experiences with what unfolds in real-world workplaces.
  • Cleary University faculty, staff, and students think, learn, and live outside the realm of expectations, seeing an open landscape and striving to develop new ways of doing business that benefit the greater good.

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