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Citizen Robotics seeks to reduce the cost of housing construction through the adoption of robotic construction techniques. We raise awareness of what's possible with automation and showcase solutions from around the world. Through our training center, we bring these technologies to the community so they can learn to build more effectively – using less labor and less material. We upskill today's construction workforce for the future with training and opportunities to practice on new housing developments.

Detroit, MI

About Citizen Robotics LLC

We believe everyone should be able to own a home. At Citizen Robotics, we teach people how to build with robots so that our houses don’t cost as much. Detroiters struggle with housing inequality and insecurity in part because the homes we build are too expensive for those with low wages. Current construction methods, primarily timber framing from 50AD, have not embraced productivity-enhancing solutions long since adopted in product manufacturing. 3d printed homes cost less to build and to heat and cool, making housing more affordable for all.

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