Center for Community-Based Enterprise

C2BE’s mission is to build a sustainable, more equitable and inclusive living-wage local economy, by developing a cooperating network of worker-owned businesses and increasing the number of worker-owners.

Detroit, MI

About Center for Community-Based Enterprise

Who We Are.    The Center for Community-Based Enterprise, C2BE connects clients to business know-how and legal services, succession planning, co-op governance, and operation agreements to build business cooperatives and democratically run community-based enterprises (CBEs).  We define CBEs as locally rooted for-profit enterprises that provide community benefit (particularly equity ownership for workers and producers), pay living wages, and share resources to help each other grow.  Our vision is an inclusive new economy, powered by engaged residents and anchored by a supportive network of worker-owned businesses. We value economic justice, agency in the workplace, and are guided by the seven principles of cooperation.

Since 2007, C2BE has been working to strengthen the number of cooperatively run businesses in and around Detroit and increase the number of worker-owners.  We are committed to supporting CBEs being created by Black, Brown and other historically under-served communities.   We transition existing businesses into worker-owned ones, and we work with community-organizations creating democratically-run social enterprises.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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