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Detroit, Michigan

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★ With, For, and By: This work is guided by the leadership and ongoing input of our participants.

★ Coordinated and Continuous: Evidence-based programs are coordinated to meet the goals and needs of participants continuously throughout early childhood.

★ Whole Family and Holistic: Evidence-based programs operate holistically, meeting an array of needs to improve literacy, health, and family stability. These programs focus not just on children but on caregivers as well.

★ Love, Safety, and Growth: It takes creating an atmosphere of love and safety, where people feel truly seen and cared for, before we can grow.

★ Asset-Based: Everybody has a gift or talent that they can share and a purpose they can play in building kid success neighborhoods.

★ Neighbor-to-Neighbor Across Zip Codes: Brilliant Detroit offers opportunities for people to connect and build community as neighbors regardless of the zip code in which they live.

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