Addiction Treatment Services

Our mission is to promote the overall health, wellness, and recovery of individuals impacted by substance use and behavioral health issues by meeting the needs of our clients and community.

Traverse City, Michigan

About Addiction Treatment Services

At Addiction Treatment Services, we believe in empowering clients by promoting democracy, emotional intelligence, open communication, and equality. We view these key areas as integral components of client-centered care.

We recognize that every crisis is an opportunity for growth and change. Our individualized approach to client care does more than help our clients identify changes they hope to make in life; it empowers them to become the change that redefines their lives.



Our Desired Impact


Addiction Treatment Services seeks to:


·         Improve the overall health and wellness of individuals and their families

·        Establish a more welcoming and engaged community of service providers and mission-aligned partners

·        Create more human connections and better health for our clients through a wide array of services and activities

·        Shape the public funding system to best meet the needs of those we serve

·         Reduce the stigma and improve access to the work we do



Our Strategic Vision for Addiction Treatment Services


Our system of care offers an interdisciplinary, evidence-based full continuum of programming that allows people to enter services at any point based on diagnostic need and which is focused on the overall health and wellness of the person.  We are also able to address the public health crisis by being a community leader through advocacy and community collaboratives.

Jobs at Addiction Treatment Services

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